See on GitHub: branch master | compare 2.0.0/master

pip install


See on GitHub: tag 1.1.1 | compare 1.0.2/1.1.1

pip install kivymd==1.1.1


See on GitHub: tag 1.0.2 | compare 1.0.1/1.0.2

pip install kivymd==1.0.2
  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements.

  • Added a button to copy the code to the documentation.

  • Added the feature to view code examples of documentation in imperative and declarative styles.

  • Added console scripts for developer tools.


See on GitHub: tag 1.0.1 | compare 1.0.0/1.0.1

pip install kivymd==1.0.1


See on GitHub: tag 1.0.0 | compare 0.104.2/1.0.0

pip install kivymd==1.0.0


See on GitHub: tag 0.104.2 | compare 0.104.1/0.104.2

pip install kivymd==0.104.2
  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements.

  • Add HotReloadViewer class

  • Added features to Snackbar class: use padding, set custom button color, elevation

  • Add MDToggleButton class

  • Change to Material Design Baseline dark theme spec

  • Fix ReferenceError: weakly-referenced object no longer exists when start demo application

  • Changed the default value for the theme_text_color parameter in the BaseButton class (to the value “Primary”)

  • Fix setting of the text_color_normal and text_color_active parameters - earlier their values ​​did not affect anything

  • Fixed the length of the right edge of the border in relation to the hint text when the MDTextField is in the rectangle mode

  • Add get_tab_list method to MDTabs class

  • Add hover behavior when using MDDropdownMenu class

  • Added the feature to use the FitImage component to download images from the network

  • The elevation value for RectangularElevationBehavior and CircularElevationBehavior classes after pressing was always set to 2 - fixed

  • Methods that implement the ripple effect have always been called twice - fixed

  • The SmartTile class now uses the FitImage class to display images instead of the Image class

  • Removed dependency on PIL library

  • Add hint_bg_color, hint_text_color, hint_radius attributes to MDSlider class

  • Delete

  • Delete

  • Added the feature to control the properties of menu items during creation in MDDropdownMenu class

  • Added the feature to change the number of buttons after creating the MDFloatingActionButtonSpeedDial object

  • Added the feature to set the font_name property for the MDTabsLabel class

  • Add MDCarousel class

  • Delete kivymd/uix/

  • Added usage types for MDNavigationDrawer class: modal/standard

  • Added stencil instructions to the FitImage class canvas

  • Added on_ref_press and switch_tab methods to MDTabs class

  • Added on_release method for menu item events instead of callback method to MDDropdownMenu class

  • Added palette attribute - the feature to change the color of the MDSpinner when changing rotation cycles

  • Added the feature to change the border color of the MDRectangleFlatIconButton class

  • Add MDRelativeLayout class

  • Added the feature to use radius for MDNavigationDrawer corners

  • Removed UserAnimationCard class

  • Added feature to set background color for MDDialog class

  • Added MDNavigationRail component

  • Added MDSwiper component

  • Added ripple effect to MDTabs class

  • Added the feature to set toast positions on an Android device

  • Added of tooltips to MDToolbar icons

  • Fixed MDBottomAppBar notch transparency

  • Updated MDDatePicker class to material design specification.

  • Updated MDTimePicker class to material design specification.

  • Elevation behavior redesign to comply with the material design specification.

  • Removed the vendor package.

  • Added the feature to use a class instance (Kivy or KivyMD widget), which will be added to the MDDropdownMenu class menu header.


See on GitHub: tag 0.104.1 | compare 0.104.0/0.104.1

pip install kivymd==0.104.1
  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements.

  • Added MDGridLayout and MDBoxLayout classes

  • Add TouchBehavior class

  • Add radius parameter to BackgroundColorBehavior class

  • Add MDScreen class

  • Add MDFloatLayout class

  • Added a MDTextField with fill mode

  • Added a shadow, increased speed of opening, added the feature to control the position of the MDDropdownMenu class

  • The MDDropDownItem class is now a regular element, such as a button

  • Added the ability to use the texture of the icon on the right in any MDTextField classes

  • Added the feature to use ripple and focus behavior in MDCard class

  • MDDialogs class redesigned to meet material design requirements

  • Added MDDataTable class


See on GitHub: tag 0.104.0 | compare 0.103.0/0.104.0

pip install kivymd==0.104.0
  • Fixed bug in kivymd.uix.expansionpanel.MDExpansionPanel if, with the panel open, without closing it, try to open another panel, then the chevron of the first panel remained open.

  • The kivymd.uix.textfield.MDTextFieldRound class is now directly inherited from the kivy.uix.textinput.TextInput class.

  • Removed kivymd.uix.textfield.MDTextFieldClear class.

  • kivymd.uix.navigationdrawer.NavigationLayout allowed to add kivymd.uix.toolbar.MDToolbar class.

  • Added feature to control range of dates to be active in kivymd.uix.picker.MDDatePicker class.

  • Updated kivymd.uix.navigationdrawer.MDNavigationDrawer realization.

  • Removed kivymd.uix.card.MDCardPost class.

  • Added kivymd.uix.card.MDCardSwipe class.

  • Added switch_tab method for switching tabs to kivymd.uix.bottomnavigation.MDBottomNavigation class.

  • Added feature to use panel type in the kivymd.uix.expansionpanel.MDExpansionPanel class: kivymd.uix.expansionpanel.MDExpansionPanelOneLine, kivymd.uix.expansionpanel.MDExpansionPanelTwoLine or kivymd.uix.expansionpanel.MDExpansionPanelThreeLine.

  • Fixed panel opening animation in the kivymd.uix.expansionpanel.MDExpansionPanel class.

  • Delete

  • Add MDFloatingActionButtonSpeedDial class

  • Added the feature to create text on tabs using markup, thereby triggering the on_ref_press event in the MDTabsLabel class

  • Added color_indicator attribute to set custom indicator color in the MDTabs class

  • Added the feature to change the background color of menu items in the BaseListItem class

  • Add MDTapTargetView class


See on GitHub: tag 0.103.0 | compare 0.102.1/0.103.0

pip install kivymd==0.103.0
  • Fix MDSwitch size according to material design guides

  • Fix MDSwitch’s thumb position when size changes

  • Fix position of the icon relative to the right edge of the MDChip class on mobile devices

  • Updated MDBottomAppBar class.

  • Updated

  • Added on_tab_switch method that is called when switching tabs (MDTabs class)

  • Added FpsMonitor class

  • Added - feature to automatically crop a Kivy image to fit your layout

  • Added animation when changing the action button position mode in MDBottomAppBar class

  • Delete

  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements.


See on GitHub: tag 0.102.1 | compare 0.102.0/0.102.1

pip install kivymd==0.102.1


See on GitHub: tag 0.102.0 | compare 0.101.8/0.102.0

pip install kivymd==0.102.0


See on GitHub: tag 0.101.8 | compare 0.101.7/0.101.8

pip install
  • Added uix and behaviors folder to package_data.


See on GitHub: tag 0.101.7 | compare 0.101.6/0.101.7

pip install


See on GitHub: tag 0.101.6 | compare 0.101.5/0.101.6

pip install
  • Fixed NameError: name ‘MDThemePicker’ is not defined.


See on GitHub: tag 0.101.5 | compare 0.101.4/0.101.5

pip install


See on GitHub: tag 0.101.4 | compare 0.101.3/0.101.4

pip install
  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements.


See on GitHub: tag 0.101.3 | compare 0.101.2/0.101.3

pip install
  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements.


See on GitHub: tag 0.101.2 | compare 0.101.1/0.101.2

pip install
  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements.


See on GitHub: tag 0.101.1 | compare 0.101.0/0.101.1

pip install
  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements.


See on GitHub: tag 0.101.0 | compare 0.100.2/0.101.0

pip install


See on GitHub: tag 0.100.2 | compare 0.100.1/0.100.2

pip install


See on GitHub: tag 0.100.1 | compare 0.100.0/0.100.1

pip install
  • MDUserAnimationCard uses Image instead of AsyncImage.


See on GitHub: tag 0.100.0 | compare 0.99.99/0.100.0

pip install
  • Added feature to change color for MDStackFloatingButtons.

See on GitHub: tag | compare 0.99.98/

pip install
  • Fixed MDNavigationDrawer.use_logo.


See on GitHub: tag 0.99.99 | compare

pip install
  • Added icon_color property for NavigationDrawerIconButton.


See on GitHub: tag 0.99.98 | compare 0.99.97/0.99.98

pip install
  • Added MDFillRoundFlatIconButton class.


See on GitHub: tag 0.99.97 | compare 0.99.96/0.99.97

pip install
  • Fixed Spinner animation.


See on GitHub: tag 0.99.96 | compare 0.99.95/0.99.96

pip install


See on GitHub: tag 0.99.95 | compare 0.99.94/0.99.95

pip install


See on GitHub: tag 0.99.94 | compare 0.99.93/0.99.94

pip install
  • Added _no_ripple_effect property to BaseListItem class.

  • Added check to use ripple effect in RectangularRippleBehavior class.

  • [Disabled]( using ripple effect in MDAccordionListItem class.


See on GitHub: tag 0.99.93 | compare 0.99.92/0.99.93

pip install


See on GitHub: tag 0.99.92 | compare 0.99.91/0.99.92

pip install
  • Removed automatic change of text field length in MDTextFieldRound class.