Script to make release#


Run this script before release (before deploying).

What this script does:

  • Undo all local changes in repository

  • Update version in,

  • Format files

  • Rename file “unreleased.rst” to version, add to index.rst

  • Commit “Version …”

  • Create tag

  • Add unreleased.rst to Changelog, add to index.rst

  • Commit

  • Git push


Run pre-commit., repl, file)#

Replace one pattern match to repl in file file., is_release, test: bool = False)#

Change version in kivymd/, version, test: bool = False)#

Change version in, unreleased_file, previous_version, version_file, version, test: bool = False)#

Edit unreleased.rst and rename to <version>.rst., unreleased_file, version, ask: bool = True, test: bool = False)#

Create unreleased.rst by template.