A set of classes for implementing transitions between application screens.

New in version 1.0.0.

Changing transitions

You have multiple transitions available by default, such as:

  • MDFadeSlideTransition

    state one: the new screen closes the previous screen by lifting from the bottom of the screen and changing from transparent to non-transparent;

    state two: the current screen goes down to the bottom of the screen, passing from a non-transparent state to a transparent one, thus opening the previous screen;


You cannot control the direction of a slide using the direction attribute.

API - kivymd.uix.transition.transition

class kivymd.uix.transition.transition.MDFadeSlideTransition

Slide Transition, can be used to show a new screen from any direction: left, right, up or down.

start(self, instance_screen_manager: ScreenManager)

Starts the transition. This is automatically called by the ScreenManager.

on_progress(self, progression: float)