Implementation of toasts for desktop.

from kivy.lang import Builder

from import MDApp
from kivymd.toast import toast

KV = '''

        title: 'Test Toast'
        pos_hint: {'top': 1}
        left_action_items: [['menu', lambda x: x]]

        text: 'TEST KIVY TOAST'
        pos_hint: {'center_x': .5, 'center_y': .5}
        on_release: app.show_toast()

class Test(MDApp):
    def show_toast(self):
        '''Displays a toast on the screen.'''

        toast('Test Kivy Toast')

    def build(self):
        return Builder.load_string(KV)


API - kivymd.toast.kivytoast.kivytoast#

class kivymd.toast.kivytoast.kivytoast.Toast(**kwargs)#

Base class for dialog movement behavior.

For more information, see in the MotionBase class documentation.


The amount of time (in seconds) that the toast is visible on the screen.

duration is an NumericProperty and defaults to 2.5.

label_check_texture_size(self, instance_label: Label, texture_size: List[int])#

Resizes the text if the text texture is larger than the screen size. Sets the size of the toast according to the texture size of the toast text.

toast(self, text_toast: str)#

Displays a toast.


Default open event handler.


Animation of opening toast on the screen.

fade_out(self, *args)#

Animation of hiding toast on the screen.

on_touch_down(self, touch)#

touch down event handler.

kivymd.toast.kivytoast.kivytoast.toast(text: str = '', background: list = None, duration: float = 2.5) None#

Displays a toast.

  • text – text to be displayed in the toast;

  • duration – the amount of time (in seconds) that the toast is visible on the screen

  • background – toast background color in rgba format;